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Transportation Factoring

Transportation factoring. Our transportation factoring division is a full service freight factoring company for transportation companies including startups throughout the United States and Canada, and funding is available to most carriers including ground transportation, air & sea carriers, rail-train, shipping companies and others, including startups seeking funding as low as $10,000 or the larger carriers requiring advances as high as $35 million.

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  • Integrity, Stability and Reliability
  • We are experienced transportation freight factoring specialists
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Funding from $100,000 to $35 million a month (As low as $5,000 via affiliate)
  • High-volume factoring $5 million minimum with 90-Day rates as low as .75%
  • Startups, small, midsized to large trucking companies
  • All of the United States, Canada and fifteen other countries
  • High advances on freight bills
  • Very competitive rates (we do our best to beat the competition every time)
  • Funding availability as you grow
  • A very simple process from application to funding
  • Draw down only needed funds - be charged only for the funds used
  • We are a reliable cash source for your company's security and growth
  • Very likely we'll be able to beat any other offer you may be considering


  • Funding off copies
  • Fuel advances (for carriers)
  • No minimums
  • No contracts
  • Non-recourse
  • Non-Notification

And for transportation companies that are presently with a traditional bank line and fed up with strict requirements and tight covenants but would like to keep competitive pricing, we have the Ledgered Line of Credit, a flexible and very competitive ABL type credit line that is secured with your accounts receivables/freight bills.  And unlike the traditional line of credit, there are no strict audit requirements and almost no covenants with respect to concentration, ratios, etc.  The price structure is similar to an ABL line, typically prime + %, plus a service fee . The service fee is charged monthly on the gross amount of invoices, interest is charged on the amount of funds actually drawn, thus controlling the cost of funding.

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