freight factoring for startup trucking companies

Startup Factoring for Trucking

Freight factoring for startup trucking and transportation companies. The CFG Trucking factoring team specializes in funding solutions for the trucking and transportation industry which include offering a full range of freight factoring programs to start-up truckers and carriers of all sizes.

We offer many advantages to start up trucking companies including funding options were no minimums or contracts are required plus competitive fuel advances and funding up to 95% of receivables.

We have been in the trucking funding business for over 35 years and truckers rely on us to provide the funding they need as soon as possible on their eligible receivables. We can also help our clients increase their loads by granting credit to their customers with our free credit checks.  And with our funding capabilities to $10 million, we can provide a level of security to truckers by knowing that we have the means to fund their growth.

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