back office services for staffing agencies

Staffing Back Office Services

Our staffing factoring program brings additional services to staffing agencies offered by our affiliate that include full back office and payroll management services tailored specifically for staffing companies.

From our years of working closely with staffing businesses, we have developed a suite of services tailored to the needs of this sector, and we can give you a choice of the level of service you require

  • Payroll & Receivables Funding
  • Payroll & Receivables Management
  • Production and Mailing
  • Check Production
  • Full Back Office and Much More...

...Coupled with web-based access and fully integrated with our very competitive receivables funding programs. Our Staffing division has something for all staffing companies. Designed to allow owners and managers to focus on their value added areas that help grow their business and alleviate the burden of administration tasks.

We can offer a comprehensive payroll management and invoicing service that takes much of the headaches out of running the administration of your business. This service includes:


  • Web-based program
  • Complete payroll preparation and processing
  • Check printing at any location
  • Timely tax deposits (federal, state, local)
  • W2s, including magnetic film
  • Direct deposit
  • Worker’s Compensation Program
  • Debit Card Program
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Extensive weekly, quarterly and year-end reporting and tax filing where appropriate


  • Invoice Preparation, printing and mailing
  • HR reporting - Extensive HR reporting
  • Tracking of worker’s compensation
  • Profit reporting by company, client and employee


  • Discounted insurance
  • 401K and retirement planning advise for employees
  • All our services include free online access and reporting
  • And more
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