non-notification factoring

Non-Notification Factoring

Non-notification factoring is an option offered by our affiliate.  It allow companies to take advantage of all the benefits of improved cash flow without the hassle of introducing the factoring company to their customers.

It’s Fast and Flexible - Here’s How it Works:

  • Client's (Your) customers pay invoices to factor's lockbox in Your name
  • Notifications and checks will remain in Your name
  • The client (You) will do the collections, however, should there are any collection concerns / collection history problems or if You are not doing an adequate job collecting, factor will contact You to discuss these concerns and factor will have the option (with Your knowledge) to contact Your customer and assist with collections
  • Eligible companies should have at least one year’s trading history, however, not absolutely necessary if management is very strong and the company has a strong customer base

Our non-notification factoring product offer many advantages to companies that require flexibility from their factor, plus a whole range of funding options that include accounts receivable lines of credit and purchase order financing.

For more information and to see if your company qualifies for non-notification factoring, please submit the online form. The representative that handles your area will contact you shortly.

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