Mobilization Funding

Mobilization Funding

The mobilization funding option is an affiliate program which is available to companies seeking funding to cover certain costs on new projects.

What is Mobilization Funding? Mobilization funding is a financial tool commonly used by contractors in the construction industry to raise capital to cover costs before work begins on a project or prior to invoicing. Working capital for new projects, cover cost of construction bonds and other general expenses.

Funding is contingent on contractors being pre-approved by a qualified sub-contractor assessment process such as Subguard. Typically mobilization funding advances up to 10% of the contract amount, and up to 85% on issued invoices, and a total of 40% of contract amount.

Invoice Factoring

Our other funding option is invoice factoring which allows contractors and sub-contractors the option to raise capital on their invoices / accounts receivables.

Our construction funding facilities can provide contractors peace of mind knowing that they will have the necessary funds to operate with confidence, the option to take on larger projects and/or complete existing projects on schedule and within budget.

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