medical billing factoring

Medical Billing Factoring

Medical Industry Factoring.  Our team of healthcare-medical funding affiliates offer factoring solutions to the medical - healthcare industries with options that include Medicare and Medicaid receivables factoring, funding insurance and third-party commercial debtor invoices, lines of credit and other asset based lending options.

These financial solutions offer capital to our clients when there is a gap in their cash flow generally due to slow payments from debtors such as insurance companies/providers or medical-healthcare suppliers.  This affiliate factoring product offer to purchase the medical receivables from you - our client at a set price, we then advance the needed cash to you to cover your business expenses and other responsibilities.   We fund many medical and healthcare providers, including:

Health Insurance Providers
Medical Equipment Suppliers
Nurse practitioners
Occupational therapists
Pharmacists - Pharmaceutical Companies
Physical therapists
Physician assistants
Private Practices - Medical doctors and physicians
And others in the medical / healthcare profession

We hope to be of service to your medical practice, hospital or healthcare services provider company. CLICK HERE to start the simple factoring-funding process.

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