invoice discounting

Invoice Discounting

Improve your cash flow
Our invoice discounting service means that we can help improve your cash flow by providing an immediate injection of cash against the value of your outstanding invoices.

When you submit an invoice, we can usually release up to 80% (higher on a case by case basis) of the value of that invoice within 24 to 48 hours. The remaining 20% is paid to you, less a small service fee, once we receive payment from your customer.  Information about your account can be accessed 24 hours via the internet.

The key benefit?
A flexible source of funding which grows in line with your sales.

Can we help your business?
To take advantage of our invoice discounting services, a company should generally be more than 2 years old with sales of $100,000 a month or more.

What does it cost?
Our services are tailored to your business so the fees will depend upon your specific needs.
There are two types of fee. The first is the cost of money you use, which is extremely competitive when compared with other forms of finance. The second is a small service fee.

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