factoring for government contractors

Government Contracting Factoring

Government contracting funding solutions. There are many funding options available to government contractors / government vendors from factoring, accounts receivable financing to purchase order finance and accounts receivable finance. These funding options are flexible and can be structured to fit the funding needs of the individual client.

CFG and its government contracting team understands that as a vendor or contractor for the government you will require the necessary capital to fulfill those orders, let’s say you just got word that you’re the winning bidder, obviously you become excited, but then it hits you and reality smacks you right in the face, how you are going to fulfill the contract, cover costs, supplies, payroll and general expenses, and will your suppliers work with you and give you the terms you will need until you can get paid?

These are questions that are usually related to cash flow concerns regarding the completion of the contract. Our experienced team can help alleviate those concerns. We can help you fund your contract / project in a variety of ways including:

  • Invoice factoring
  • Accounts receivable finance
  • Purchase order financing

These funding options are ideal to fund or guarantee payments to suppliers, which should make them more willing to work with you. We can then fund your invoices to the government when work is completed, providing you with the capital to meet the obligations and expenses incurred in the performance of the contract.

So stop worrying, our team is on your side with the knowledge and expertise to help you throughout the process and the successful completion of your contract, and the receipt of payment from the government in a timely manner.

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