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Food Service Factoring

Food factoring. Funding options for companies in the food service industry with very competitive terms and a price structure.

CFG offer many funding solutions (factoring purchase order financing and accounts receivable finance) that are tailored to fit the funding needs of food and beverage companies from food distribution, manufacturing and wholesale to transportation and other food service providers.

Working capital funding under a simple process and flexible terms that can help businesses secured needed cash quickly and move forward.

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Invoice and receivables factoring can be an essential funding tool that can help companies in the food industry restore and maintain uninterrupted cash flow.

With invoice factoring, there are no restrictions regarding time in business or certain financial conditions, the strengths are in your accounts receivables and the ability of the company to generate eligible sales and with factoring you are not creating debt.

Used on their own or to complement each other, our financial solutions for the food industry are proven to not only improve your cash flow but get the company moving forward.

Cash to bring business plans to life; grab new opportunities; invest in new equipment, meet payroll, or simply negotiate better terms with your suppliers.

We hope to be of service to you and your food service company. To start the simple funding process - CLICK HERE

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