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Export Factoring

Trade overseas with confidence
Factoring for imports and exports. Our export factoring - import factoring services offer you a complete package to help you develop your overseas business profitably and with confidence. We provide funding to exporters and importers for transactions throughout the UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and in selected parts of Eastern and Western Europe, as well as many of the Asia Pacific countries.

Improve your cash flow
Our export factoring service means an immediate injection of cash against the value of your outstanding export invoices. We can release up to 80 % of the value of the invoice within 24 hours. The remaining 20 %, less a small service fee, is paid to you once your customer pays.

Assistance with managing overseas customers
A network of operating companies in select overseas markets can help remove the hassle of dealing with overseas customers. Our multilingual support staff helps eliminate the challenge of communicating with your customers. We speak with your customers in their native language to avoid any misinterpretation and help resolve any issues relating to the sale and invoicing of your product and collection of the payment due.

Can we help your business?
If you are exporting to one of the above mentioned select markets, we can assist. We can also help with you local sales.

What does it cost?
Our services are tailored to your business so the fees will depend upon your specific needs.

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