corporate billing factoring

Corporate - Commercial Billing Factoring

Corporate factoring specializes in corporate and commercial billing factoring. Our invoice factoring product offer corporate clients a flexible and very competitive accounts receivable corporate - commercial billing funding product that is structured to fit the individual factoring needs of the client.

Our commercial factoring team works with the client under a full service receivables funding option that help provide a constant cash flow.

In addition to our corporate and commercial billing factoring product, we offer a range of financial options that include: 

Lines of credit on your receivables, or;
A combination that includes commercial factoring, plus a line of credit and/or term loan
Term loans secured with equipment
Inventory loans - Commercial real estate loans
Working capital to improve efficiency


Our financial services are available to a wide range of industries for:

Debt Restructuring
Working Capital
Expansion / Growth
Meeting Expenses
Leveraged Buy-Outs

Remain competitive and resourceful with CFG's accounts receivable - corporate/commercial billing factoring program.  For factoring, refinancing or restructuring, please call us today or click here to apply online. 

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