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Textile & Garment Factoring

Textile Factoring.  Welcome to our Textile-Garment Factoring Group specializing in funding options for companies in the textile and garment industry.

Cash accessibility is one key aspect to the success of textile companies. We offer funding solutions that include invoice & receivables factoring, purchase order finance and accounts receivable financing that are designed specifically for companies in the textile-garment industry including startups.

Our team of financial professionals are just a click or away with a whole suite of financial solutions each structured to fit the financial requirements of our client. Start the simple process of funding your business by completing the short-form.

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We understand textile and garment industry and the cash flow issues it faces with suppliers and others.  CFG can fund your orders, invoices and exports, and finance your distributors and kickstart your business or replace your troubled funding source. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or CLICK HERE to start the simple process.

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