Factoring for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing Factoring

Factoring for manufacturing companies and the industry as a whole with funding options that include purchase order financing and accounts receivable finance. As an invoice and receivables factoring source that specializes in funding solutions for manufacturers (including start-ups), CFG understand that these are challenging times, declining order books and increased margin pressures along with ever-increasing array of regulations are all taking their toll on cash flow.

We can help improve cash flow by providing advances of cash against the value of outstanding receivables/invoices and/or purchase orders. This means that manufacturers will have access to an ongoing supply of cash linked to sales.  So as the business grows, so does the amount of funding available to our client, cash to put growth plans into action.

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In addition to funding, we can also help you save valuable management time.  Time better spent focusing on growing your business.

We provide a receivables management program where we pursue and collect outstanding invoice payments from your customers on your behalf, so that you have more time to concentrate on generating new business.  We will prepare and send out statements, telephone all of your customers, collect payments for you and maintain professional and detailed accounts of your transactions and provide you with 24-hour online access to your reports, including scanned images of the checks that we receive.

You remain in control by working with a dedicated team of people who ensure your customers are as happy to deal with us as they are with you. 

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