janitorial and cleaning company factoring

Janitorial - Cleaning Factoring

Janitorial and cleaning company invoice factoring, accounts receivable and purchase order financing.

CFG understands the cash flow challenges that janitorial and cleaning companies face daily and how time consuming it can be to find the right funding option that can offer the right solution to help you move the business forward. Our funding products are flexible for those reasons.

Our decision makers will work closely with you to put together the right facility for your business, which include one of the lowest factoring fees in the industry and high advances on your receivables.

Factoring allow cleaning companies to focus on what you do best; product quality, sales, customer service and growth, and we focus on what we do best, assuring that their cash flow continues on a steady pace.

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Our janitorial funding solutions are available to companies in many situations including start-ups, certain clients with financial problems such as tax liens or bankruptcies.

Factoring is a healthy and essential financial option for janitorial companies which can help maintain and/or restore their cash flow.

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