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Apparel - Fashion Factoring

Apparel and fashion finance solutions that include invoice and receivables factoring purchase order financing and accounts receivable lines of credit.

Our fashion factoring team specializes in funding options for fashion and apparel businesses including start-ups with working capital facilities specifically created for fashion designers and companies in the fashion and apparel industries.

One key aspect to the success of companies in the fashion industry is cash accessibility, and we offer just that with funding options that are flexible enough that can help fund most situations.

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What Next?


During the day you visit your banker, explain all your ideas, show the large purchase orders you have, then sit and listen to their concerns about the retail sector, idle speculation about which of your potential customers may fail, the strain in the supply chain, and how they would love to help but this is not the right time for them to invest in this sector.

Afterwards you finally get hold of your overseas distributor and explain that as your bank can't help you they have to bring their outstanding account up to date and you need cash up front for future orders. Later on you find your suppliers won't get started on your new line without cash up front as their factor seems to be struggling and is not financing their new invoices.

We Understand...

We understand the pressures, the juggling, the time zones, and the lead times. CFG can finance your orders, finance your invoices, finance your exports, and finance your distributors. CFG can kickstart your business, help restructure your business, replace your troubled lender, and finance your growth. Now is the time to be confident about your future.

We hope to be of service to you and your company. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or CLICK HERE to start the simple process.

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